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OF the Peoples, BY the Peoples, FOR the Peoples
Dave Martin     03/15/2024

In the vibrant and diverse city of Portland, a new initiative is taking root – the PDX Diaspora Coalition. This coalition promises to be a beacon of unity, solidarity, and Kingdom advancement for the various peoples who have made Portland their home or are living here for a season.

OF the Peoples: Embracing Our Identity

The PDX Diaspora Coalition recognizes and celebrates the unique identities and cultures that God has brought to Portland. We are brothers and sisters from many tribes, tongues, and nations, called to be part of one body and one Kingdom. This diversity is not a hindrance but a strength that enriches our community and displays the beauty of Jesus-centered unity in our city. Under the diaspora umbrella we include immigrants, refugees, prisoners, and students/professionals living here temporarily.

BY the Peoples: Diaspora-Driven and Diaspora-Led

The PDX Diaspora Coalition will be diaspora-driven and diaspora-led, with a diverse leadership made up of individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives. Our unity is not based on uniformity but on a shared commitment to the foundational doctrines set forth in the Nicene Creed and in the disciple-making mandate of Jesus. This unity in diversity reflects the Kingdom of God, where people from every nation and tongue gather together in worship and service.

FOR the Peoples: Global Kingdom Advancement

The ultimate goal of the PDX Diaspora Coalition is to reach, equip, and support people groups in Portland for the advancement of God's Kingdom, both locally and globally. We are committed to empowering individuals to share the gospel and make disciples in their own communities, using their unique cultural and linguistic gifts to reach those who may not otherwise have access to the message of salvation.

As we come together as a coalition, we are not just building a community in Portland but laying the groundwork for Kingdom advancement that transcends borders and boundaries. Our prayer is that through our unity amid diversity we can be a witness to the power of the gospel to transform lives and communities, both here and in the countries of origin of the people we serve.

Please join us in the PDX Diaspora Coalition – a movement OF the peoples, BY the peoples, and FOR the peoples!



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